Penny Pinchin' Home Page

This is the place for frugal, penny pinching hints for saving money on food, clothing, kid stuff, weddings, holidays and just about everything else!

When we met (over 12 years ago!) one of the things we liked best about each other was that we both subscribed to Benjamin Franklin's theory that "A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned". Since then we've spent many happy hours, but not much money, in bargain hunting activities. In 1998 we faced the big challenge of planning a wedding that wouldn't break the bank (and we did on "Our Wedding Budget" for the details). We are constantly adding new ideas so be sure to put us in your bookmarks and come back often!

Recently we've had a few emails from people wondering how to subscribe to our "newsletter". I assume that because the name of our website is "Ron and Debbie's Penny Pinching Page" people get the impression that we have a newsletter to sell. We are not here to sell anything...all information in this website is free. We do not accept advertising of any kind and any links to commercial sites are there because we feel that the site or product is frugal or useful to our readers.

What's New on the Penny Pinchin' Page?

If you have been here before you'll notice that we have a whole new look. We hope this will make it easier to navigate and read the information in the site. This major renovation was done in May & June of 2005 so all ideas sent up until then have been added, links have been checked, etc. We also added a new yard and garden section.

We try to add new things regularly. If we are close to a particular holiday (Christmas or Halloween) we try to add new suggestions sent by readers asap. If you send an idea it will not always appear quickly since I have a real job, 2 active grandchildren, elderly parents next door and lots of housework and gardening to do and can only work on the site in my free time.

Besides reading our page and surfing the web there are lots of books and publications out there to help you with frugality. Here is a small list to get you started: