Frugal Snacks

Snack foods are probably one of the more expensive items in your grocery budget...just take a look at the unit price and you'll be horrified to learn that you're spending more per pound for potato chips than you are for sirloin steak! Some of the ideas on the lunch page also work for snacks (Whoopie pies, cookies, etc,). Check our recipe box for recipes for no-bake cookies, whoopie pies, beef jerky, popsicles, etc. Popcorn is a good, cheap snack, you can make a huge bowlful for a few cents. Keep a supply of cut up raw vegetables on hand for a crunchy, healthy snack.

If you have a dehydrator you can make banana chips, dried apple slices, fruit leathers and jerky for a fraction of what it costs in the supermarket. You can also dehydrate foods in your oven on a very low setting but we've had much better luck with the dehydrator which we bought for $5.00 at a yard sale.

Here's a frugal snack idea from Nancy: One of the snacks I make that is very frugal are homemade tortilla chips. I found that I can buy a package of 100 corn tortillas for about $3.00. To make them into chips, I just snip them into wedges with kitchen scissors and deep-fry them. (I am lucky enough to have a good deep fryer.) When golden, remove, drain on paper towels and add a little salt. They taste great when they are still warm served with salsa (homemade if you grow your own tomatoes and peppers). Also, when entertaining, fry some up, add a little shredded cheese and pop into the microwave to melt the cheese, homemade nachos. Just thought I would pass this tip along!