Warehouse Stores

Warehouse stores such as BJ's, Sam's Club and Costco can save you a lot. Their main drawback is that everything comes in gigantic packages. If you have a large family huge packages are a good thing, if you don't they can be a bit of a problem. We have solved this by sharing the package and the price with a friend or relation.

We've heard from several different people recently that phone cards are a terrific bargain at the warehouse stores. We don't use them (don't have a need to make very many long distance calls) but you may want to check them out. A word of warning: NOT everything is cheaper in the warehouse...by shopping around you can often find a better deal on sale someplace else. We've found that spices are ALWAYS a good buy there and that we get a better quality meat for about the same price as the grocery stores. Warehouse brand vitamins and pain relievers are also a good buy. Just be sure to shop around first. Don't assume that because it's in the warehouse it must be cheap!