Frugal Kid's Clothing

Buy all your child's socks in one color and style. This way if one sock from a pair wears out or gets lost you can still use the other one. If you have more than one child get each one a different style of's much easier to sort them that way!

From my daughter, Lisa: Resale stores are OK but a lot of them can be expensive. Yard sales are better, and lots of people put ads in the paper selling baby clothes for like $0.50 an outfit. Also if you have friends and relatives with older kids, hand-me-downs are great! Probably about half of my kids' wardrobes are hand me down items. If you can plan to have the first baby of a certain sex in your family in 30 years, that helps a lot too. Hahaha! (Note: Lisa had the first girl in her husband's family in 30 years so she was deluged with frilly pink garments!)

An anonymous website visitor tells us that school uniforms have saved her a lot of money. Her daughter goes to private school and she spent $150 on uniforms that will last all year, and if she tears them up before she out grows them Sears will replace them for free. With this in mind she bought pants and skirts a size big and had a freind take them up.

From MJW2: I make large paper bibs for my boys to wear at the dinner table. I purchase paper tablecothes and cut them into paper bibs. I even get my husband to wear one when I serve spaghetti. We save time and money on laundry and dry cleaning while keeping those expensive clothes clean.

from Jenn in Philadelphia: I was recently at Kmart perusing the clearance rack in the children's section where I found all sorts of clothes that were once part of a set but had been separated from their mate - jeans, tops, sweaters, all items that could easily be worn as separates, and in name brands too - Sesame Street, Blues Clues, etc. Kmart sells these separates for $1 or less depending on the lowest priced item you can find on the rack. I found a clearance bib for 70 cents so I got a mess load of pants and tops and even a dress or two for 70 cents each. What a deal! I stocked on clothes for my then 5-month old until she hits the 12-month size. I'm not sure if all Kmarts have this same policy, but it's definitely worth checking out.

From Sally Robichaud in Massachusetts: Buy at the end of the season - I purchase many of my kids clothes from Sears and Childrens Place. As the season gets further in their items go down in price. Many items can be worn all year - short sleeve shirts can be worn most of the year and when cold add a sweater/ sweatshirt/jacket. Sometimes I have been able to find kids underwear - the ones with characters in the clearance bin. Purchased several packages of the same kind for about $2.00 a package. Gloves kids are always losing. I picked up 4 pr for $1.00 at sears because they wanted to get rid of their old inventory. This is another great time to shop ahead for birthdays/Christmas. There are 4 kids (nieces & nephews) under mine so I know what I buy if I don't use I can always give to them and its brand new!