More Frugal Wedding Budgets

Since we started this webpage we have received lots and lots of emails from other people who had budget weddings. Here are some of them:

This budget was the first one sent to us by one of our readers. It is also the only complete budget we received. Others are lists of things the senders saved on. This ceremony took place on a beach so there was no charge for that and friends and family did the photography and videography. One of the bridesmaids did the bride's hair and nails for free. The bride covered a blank book she already owned with attractive fabric for a guest book. They made their invitations and played music for the reception on a stereo. The wedding took place nine years ago so some of the prices would be higher now but it's a good example of just how small an amount of money you can get married on!

Item Amount Notes
Rings $100.05 Her ring came from Sears for $100 and he made his from a nickle (he's a jeweler). He asks us to mention that nickle will tarnish so he has to polish it regularly!
Reception Site $50.00 Rental on Grange Hall
Decorations $10.00 Streamers and white tablecloths from dollar store.
Bride's Dress $1.00 Lovely white dress from India bought years before for the occasion at a thrift store for $1.00. She also wore shoes she already owned from a prom several years before.
Justice of the Peace $25 Ceremony was also blessed by a minister who was a friend of the family.
Cake $5.00 Made by the bride's mom and decorated by her grandmother with freash flowers from her garden.
Flowers Free Came from grandma's garden. Some were put in baskets (borrowed from friends and family) for centerpieces.
Bridesmaids Dresses $10.50 Made by the mother of one of the bridesmaids for $3.50 each.
Misc. Expenses $50.00 Mostly for food made by the bride's mom (she started cooking and freezing ahead of time.)
Honeymoon $150.00 For four days
Total $401.55 And we thought our wedding was cheap!.

From Shawna Berryman:

LOCATION: rented beach house; $550
FAVORS: mini bottles w/corks, message inside; $1 each
CENTERPIECES: tin pails filled w/sand, surrounded by shells; cheap!
DRESS & TUX: $300 and $75 respectively, no shoes necessary on beach
FLOWERS: $300 for entire wedding party CAKE: made by a friend for free

From "Boston Mom":

DRESS:marked down "prom gown"; $99.00
BRIDESMAID DRESSES: from Willow Ridge; $39.99 each
CAKE: delivered and set up; $180.00
INVITATIONS: made 120 of them for $25

From Will Hilliard and Cheryl Long:

DRESS: made by local seamstress; under $300
VEIL: made it; $12
FLOWERGIRL DRESS: made it; $17
FLOWERS: tiger lillies; $24

From Bill and Melissa Hrinya:

DRESS: white prom dress; $130
BRIDESMAIDS DRESSES: made them; $10 for 4 dresses!
FLOWERS: satin roses; $50 CENTERPIECES: borrowed from American Legion Post; free
PICTURES: taken by friends; free
ENTERTAINMENT: DJ from local radio station: $75

From Barbara Huls:

DRESS: made it; $30
BRIDESMAIDS: wore dresses they already had; free
OFFICIANT: payed for by a friend as a gift; free
LOCATION: chapel where mother in law works; free
CAKE: $50

From Maria Joslyn:

DECORATIONS: flower garlands from Michael's; $1.75
DRESS & JEWELRY: rented it; under $200
SHOES: Payless; $10

From Timberly Maddox:

FLOWERS: wild flowers; free
CAKE: baked by mom; free
RECEPTION LOCATION: barn owned by family member; free

From Amy Peterson:

BRIDES DRESS: Jessica McClintock vintage gown; $400 at They have many other "Titanic" and other vintage type gowns in the under $200 range.
BRIDESMAIDS DRESSES: from Chadwick's of Boston for $29.99 each.
Men are wearing their own suits.

If you had a budget wedding and would like to share it email us. Please include prices!