Frugal Weddings

A June 2005 newspaper insert entitled Bridal Guide tells us that the price of an average wedding today is $27,000!!! When we started planning our wedding the first thing we noticed was that anything wedding oriented cost at least twice as much as its non-wedding counterpart. For example, ordinary birthday party invitations cost around $1.89 for a package of eight...the cheapest wedding invitations we found cost $27.90 for 25. This comes out to a difference of 87 cents/invitation (not counting all the add-ons for inner envelopes, colored ink, etc.). This was a huge challenge to our penny pinching natures so we set out to have a nice wedding without spending a huge amount of money. Our wedding was on June 19, 1998 so some prices may have changed since then...I imagine that the price of food and clothing has gone up but the price of disposable cameras and wedding bubbles, both of which were newish things at the time and therefore more expensive, have gone down. For our findings and lots of great ideas sent in by website visitors over the past few years click on the links to the left.