A Few Honeymoon Ideas

A honeymoon doesn't have to be a 2 week cruise to a tropical locale. There are almost certainly interesting places in driving distance that you can visit.

My newsgroup buddy, Bob Hale, suggests the following: Take a map and draw a circle around where you live which represents the distance you can travel on approximately 1/2 tank of gas. Pack up a cooler with food and drink (for your honeymoon make it fancy...champagne, etc.). Drive to one of the places within the circle. Find a reasonably priced motel and have a good time! Bob calls this "motel camping".

Real camping is another possibility if you enjoy the outdoor experience. If you choose this I suggest at least having one nice dinner in a restaurant...it is your honeymoon, after all!

We chose to go to Niagara Falls which was driving distance for us. We stayed for 2 days, dined out twice and, on our way home we toured the Seneca Lake Wineries in New York and brought home several bottle of wine. The whole trip cost us under $300 (including the wine) and we had a lot of fun!

Watch out for all the wonderful sounding offers you get in the mail. We received several offering us $500 off the regular price of a cruise or resort. In my opinion, if they can knock that much off the price it must be pretty darn expensive to begin with!